The Guild of Harderwijk Town Guides, founded in 1996, consists of a group of enthusiastic people who love to show you the historical center.

The town guide will tell you about the ancient history of Harderwijk.
Harderwijk has a rich history with the Hanseatic League, the Fortifications, the Fishery, the Mint, the Monasteries and the Colonial Part.

The historical wealth of a number of monuments can be admired both inside and outside, such as the beautiful paintings of the Great Church, the house of a fishing family, the stained glass windows of the St Catherine Chapel and of course the famous Fishing Gate.



Unique in The Netherlands!

Every day there is a town guiding tour of 1 ½ hour. The tour starts at 14.00hrs.
The costs are: € 4,- for an adult and € 2,- for a child.
During the tour you will not only see many historical buildings, but you can even visit some of them!

You can apply daily until 13.00hrs at the start: the Tourist Information Point TIP in the beautiful hall of the Old Town Hall on the Market.
Opening hours
Monday 11am – 5pm
Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 5pm
Sunday from 11.30am – 4pm
Hanseatic Sunday (first Sunday of the month) 11.30 – 17.00

The TIP is available by phone daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Tel: +31 341 412007 or +31 341 552200
Or for more information or applying see contact:


• The Woman Tour, about the role of women in the history of Harderwijk.
• The Garden Tour, visiting parks, gardens with special trees and plants
• The Fishing Tour, about life of the fisherman during the 19th century
• The Fortress Tour, from the Middle Ages until today
• The University Tour, about the university period from 1648 till 1811
These walks last about 2 ½ hrs. A short break for a drink (at own expense) is possible.
The costs are € 6,- per person.

For more information or applying see contact:


You can have a walking tour with one of our town guides at any time. Just contact our coordinator.
You can decide for a tour of 1 ½ hours or 2 ½ hours.
You get information about the history of our town and you can visit well-known buildings that are only accessible with a town guide.
It is possible to have a short break for a drink.
The costs for a tour of 1 ½ hours are € 4,- per person with a minimum of € 20,-
The costs for a tour of 2 ½ hours are € 6,- with a minimum of € 30,- (drinks at your own expense)

For more information or applying see contact:


Special tours for groups of 10 children or more, under guidance.

This tour lasts about 1 hour, but can be extended.
The costs are € 2,50 per child with a minimum of € 25,00 . Accompaniment is free.

For more information or applying see contact:



We can offer you a culinary walk of about 4 hours. Your town guiding walk has 3 breaks for the starter, the main course and the dessert in different restaurants.
These walks can be made during daytime as well as later in the evening.
On the programme and the choice of the restaurants will be decided in joint consultation.
If you like you can inform us about your preference for the menu regarding meat, fish or vegetarian.
We organise these culinary walks for groups with a minimum of 10 persons.
For the evening walk including a three-course meal, three refreshments and coffee or tea at the end the costs are € 60- pp. The daytime walk is € 57,50 (inclusive coffee with cake € 63,50)

For more information or applying see contact:


Do you like fish? Then this sightseeing tour is a must.
The tour starts at the Vischpoort and shows you during 1 ½ hrs several aspects of Fisherman’s Life in the 19th century. After the tour the guide will take you to Restaurant Monopole on the Boulevard.
The Fish Tasting consists of several sorts of fish, such as shrimps, salmon, eel, trout, mackerel, fried mussels and Alaska Pollock.
Of course, drinks are included. Tea or coffee are served at the end.
Minimal 6 persons.

Costs Tasting and Walking: € 26,50 per person.
If you like to extend your meal with chips and salad, the price is € 29,50 per person.

For more information or applying see contact:


This arrangement starts at ‘Brasserie De Bank’ with coffee or tea and a variety of cakes.
After about 45 minutes our guide will meet you for a town walk of 1½ hrs. You will hear about the history of the town and visit some of the buildings.

After that the guide will take you back to the restaurant. Here a delicious lunch will be served consisting of:
– ‘Plank van de Bank’: several items of the lunch menu + a cup of soup
– a drink (wine, beer, soft drink) and a jug with cooled water
– coffee or tea
The price of this arrangement is € 32,50 per person, with a minimum of 4 persons.

For more information or applying see contact:


Harderwijk, a well-known fishing town, has turned into a touristic centre since the closing of the inland sea Zuiderzee.

The past is still visible in the old historical centre, but also in the surroundings of the town.
The Guild of Harderwijker Town Guides offers also cycling tours with a cultural and historical character. You will cycle with an experienced guide, partly through protected nature.
The trip of 25 km is in the direction of Ermelo and lasts 2 ½ hrs.
The trip of 40 km is in the direction of Hulshorst and takes 4 hrs. There is a stop halfway, drinks are included.

Start: Hotel Baars, Smeepoortsstraat 52 , Harderwijk
Costs: 2 ½ hrs trip € 8,- pp (minimal 4 persons)
4 hrs trip € 12,50 pp (minimal 4 persons)

For more information or applying see contact:



On board of the classical saloon boat Johanna you can view Harderwijk from the Wolderwijd. Besides, you will hear about the historical centre during a town walk.

The arrangement is made to the customer’s wish: first sailing and then walking or the other way around. The saloon boat leaves from and returns to Restaurant ‘Bij Oost’ (was: Veluvia).

The costs of the arrangement are € 19,- and you can inscribe at: www.stadsgidsenharderwijk.com
Of course, you can also contact:
Restaurant Bij Oost, Havendijk 1, 3846AC Harderwijk
Tel: +31 341 701468


How to contact us
We are happy to answer all your questions.

Contact info general
tel: +31 (0)6-2349 1156
e-mail: info@stadsgidsenharderwijk.com

Contact  walks
tel: +31 (0)6-2349 1156
e-mail: coordinator@stadsgidsenharderwijk.com

Contact culinairy walks
tel: +31 (0)6-3086 7146






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